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Whether you're an artist, a company, or an individual — you have a story to tell. With decades of combined experience and training, our team can help you tell that story through film and video production. From pre-production, to filming, editing, graphics, animation and voice over - all the way through release, we translate your thoughts and vision into concrete expressions and strategic messages that can be shared with the world.

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On location in St. Louis filming a music video called the St. Louis Bounce.

Professional Experience & Service

We work across many video production genres. Whether you need an international documentary, a trade-show video, a corporate promo, a music video, a web video, social media content, a TV commercial or another project requiring professional video production; we provide script-to-screen solutions with a top-of-the-line professional look and sound. Whether shooting on-location or in studio, we'll create a feel that conveys your message strategically and efficiently. We also provide affordable in-house Voice Over talent to make your video production budget friendly and professional.  All of our services can be provided "soup-to-nuts" or "à la carte"!  If you're looking for video production in St. Louis, or anywhere in the world, we want to be your one-stop-shop for professional video production services.       

St. Louis Video Production of a St. Louis TV Commercial, including Voice Over, Editing and Filming.

Affordable Solutions

Get the ball rolling on your video production or voice over gig by sending us a message about your project. With regard to cost, we can give you a standard quote BUT if you have a specific budget you need to stay within - let us know and we can usually find a solution to fit every client's needs.  We often book up during busy seasons so contact us ASAP so we can start the pre-production stages and help you get on the timeline you need. We have creative solutions for almost any reasonable price point. Our goal is to provide each client with quality video production; on time and on budget! Click that little orange button labeled CONTACT US to get started. We strive to respond within the hour.     

Various & Sundry Work

A promo for our partner client The Catalyst Companies.  

A Premiere Live Event and Production company based in Los Angeles, but services the world.   

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Award winning Documentary Short Film Based on the Best Selling Book.  Bob Chapman, and his concept of Truly Human Leadership have made a mark in the business leadership world.  The film introduces the audience to Chapman's company Barry-Wehmiller, and walks us through it's troubled history before they started focusing on their people culture.  The film and the book are required viewing by a growing number of business schools and Harvard University did a case study featuring the film.




We've produced more than three dozen international video documentary and TV segments. The content has included pieces featured on the Discovery Channel and many other networks, about human trafficking, malnutrition, and disaster recovery.  This project, shot in Malaysia features a retiree who's dedicated her life-savings to rescuing stray dogs from the streets of Penang, Malaysia.  This video production aired locally in Penang, Malaysia.     


Our team members were the creators and production team responsible for this Emmy Winning TV Pilot. The show was chosen for National Broadcast on ABC Saturday mornings as well as International distribution in Australia. 



Corporate PROMO

The world was supposed to end on 12/12/12, and Shock Top Beer from Anheuser-Busch was the self-proclaimed Official Beer of the End of the World.  This promo produced, directed and edited by the GCP team, was a behind-the-scenes style project, requiring actors, recreations, & location shoots in 3 states, all to tell the story of the "Shock Top End of the World Party"; yet the actual party wouldn't take place until 60 days AFTER the video was to be released. 

Nets that featured our work


TV Commercial

One in a series of ads for the St. Louis Auto Show.  The campaign strategy focused on the idea that cars & trucks bring out the inner-child in us all.  And while we love new cars and trucks - we also love funnel cakes! The campaign was considered a huge success. Our team also composed and orchestrated the music for this spot. Our extended team has a wide scope of capabilities and experiences with song writing and music composition for production use.

Music Video

Musicians Marvin Cockrell (St. Louis) and Carl Casperson (Memphis) produced this St. Louis anthem - "The St. Louis Bounce". It's a tribute to Marvin's mother who lost her life in a car-jacking. The song is fun and features many STL locations, and intends to be an anthem for unity and love in the LOU!  The music video was done on a budget with a lot of sweat equity on the part of Marvin's company Music Focus. 



Corporate B2B

Watlow is a truly innovative company that has often hired us to do corporate video production and was our very first regular client way going back to 2004.  This was one in a series of videos used to communicate some of their innovative thinking to their clients.

Corporate B2E

We worked with the Boca Raton office of GARDA Cash Logistics on a "Day in the Life" video to show what it's like on the daily for a GARDA Branch Manager. A lot of logistical and security hurdles had to be cleared to make this project happen. 


Compilation of clips from various past projects.   

Associated Clients



Recommendation for Chad Harris and Grandma's Chicken Pants

Dan Nuckolls

Nuxx Media - Video Production

Saint Louis, MO 

I’ve seen (GCP) Chad Harris  produce and write some of the funniest and meaningful projects around. And I spent time in Hollywood, so I have a lot to compare him too.

Just watch his demo reel and you will see that quality is not an issue, and I must say, that personally, there is no one I’d rather have on my team. And I wouldn’t say that about just anyone.

His integrity and honestly is way above par and he an all around nice guy. Not to mention he's a versatile and talented voice over artist too!

A recommendation? Ya, I’d recommend him 100%!

Recommendation for Chad Harris and Grandma's Chicken Pants

Eric Rhodes

Executive Producer at Futurevision Films, Inc. 
Nashville, TN
Our company has had the pleasure of working with (GCP) Chad Harris on numerous occasions. Chad is an incredibly gifted producer, director and writer who possesses boundless creativity, fresh ideas, and the skill set necessary to execute those ideas from concept, to script, to final delivery.

Chad's unmatched leadership, production experience, talent, creative vision, and exemplary work ethic combine to make him an invaluable partner in any production scenario. It is with high confidence that I recommend him and GCP  for any and all film, television and video work.

Recommendation for Chad Harris and Grandma's Chicken Pants

Archie Mckinlay

Digital Marketer and Strategist Washington D.C.
Chad and his team's  creativity, production experience, masterful understanding of storytelling, and can-do attitude make GCP  a delight to work with in any production scenario. An invaluable team member with an outstanding work ethic, Chad brings his unmatched enthusiasm to any project. During our work together, GCP consistently delivered creative, high-quality, on target branded video content which was engaging, hilarious and completely original.

If you are ever presented with the opportunity to work with Grandma's Chicken Pants — grab it!

Recommendation for Chad Harris and Grandma's Chicken Pants

Scott Perdue 

UI Designer at Agilis Systems 
St. Louis, MO
As a freelancer, working with Chad and GCP is a pleasure. He is an excellent communicator: detailed, appreciative, and always quick to reply.

Recommendation for Chad Harris and Grandma's Chicken Pants

Cristina Habersetzer

Digital Content Program Manager at Florida Power & Light 
Boca Raton, FL
I cannot speak highly enough of Chad and his team's  work. My company hired GCP to produce a "day in the life" video for an internal event held in 2012. From concept and storyboard to editing and voice over, Chad produced a final product that was entertaining,creative and one of the biggest highlights of our event. If you're looking for someone who is an expert at his craft and personable enough to coach you through the entire project without you even knowing it, Chad is your guy. His level of professionalism is top notch.

Recommendation for Chad Harris and Grandma's Chicken Pants

Mark Sutherland

VP of Market Strategies at Missouri Partnership; British Honorary Consul - Missouri; GlobalScotOctober 18, 2013, Mark worked with Chad but at different companies

I have worked with Chad on and off throughout the years at different companies. I must say, Chad is never boring. But more than that, he is creative with purpose. He understands business, and audiences, and how to use video production to tell incredible stories. He is also a proven leader that delivers every time, and has a work ethic that is committed to excellence. His passion for production and his expertise as a director makes him an asset to whomever he works with.

I strongly recommend Chad & Grandma's Chicken Pants Video Production Company. You are guaranteed a high-quality result from their video and film production, writing, animation, voice over and top notch work as a seasoned video editor. A great team, that is fun to work with and you'll probably have an adventure or two along the way. GCP & Chad Harris has my full recommendation!